Welcome to our ideas page!

Here, you'll be able to see how our online stores are laid out, as well as some of the products we offer & how they'll look when browsing the store.

Here is a bit of information as an overview of how our stores work:

  • When we make a custom store for you, the clothing will be shown with your school/team/business logo on them with approximate size, colours & location to give you the best visual we can.
  • We also have the ability to set up sections within your site for different groups or uses (ie: School Wear, Staff, Grad, Basketball, etc) 
  • PASSWORD: Each store will have a password to put in before accessing the clothing for privacy and security. 
  • SIZE CHARTS: Each product should have a body size or garment measurement chart to help assist in your purchasing. We update them if anything changes so you always have the most recent information.
  • SHIPPING: Upon checkout, you will have the option of a free delivery method to the school/team/business, or direct shipping via Canada Post for an additional cost. Orders are individually packaged with the respective order visible on the top to make distribution as easy as possible. In the case of a school, we also request the name & grade of the student it belongs to so staff have an easier time in a larger school. This information is never shared and is only used for sorting purposes at the school.