A big challenge is to know "What size do I buy for myself or my child?"

A few tips:


Many schools/teams offer sizers in the school during the sale. If they did, do take advantage of that and don't assume you know the size. Every brand is different and unfortunately there isn't a sizing standard in the clothing industry.


Be sure to watch for YOUTH and ADULT garments, if both are offered, when ordering. You don't want to get a Youth Small when you need an Adult Small.

Always check the confirmation email and email us (info@balticathletics.com) if you made an error right away.

Garments are final sale and if that happens your best bet is to sell it within your school/organization. We can give you a quote on what a replacement would be.


Most of our garments have a size chart that includes "Garment Measurements"

We recommend using a garment that you already own of the same or similar style. ie: buying a hoodie, measure a hoodie.

Lay the garment flat on the table, measure the chest width approximately 1 inch under the arm pit.  Compare this measurement to the chart for your garment.

For example:

The Lay flat measure (half measure) of a hoodie from another brand I have is 25". Compare that to the "Chest - HALF measure" on the chart and I would order the XL to be safe.

Gildan Adult Size Chart

HPS- Highest Point Shoulder: measure at the highest point on the garment (usually right by the neck) straight down to the bottom edge
CB - Centre Back: measure from the spine middle neck down the shoulder to the wrist

If there are no "Garment Measurements" on the chart (ie: Russell brands don't have garments sizes) use a clothing measuring tape and measure just under the armpits or around the waist to get a measurement.

I would recommend leaning on the larger side if you fall at the top end of the chart.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for use as a general guideline. Sizing and fit may vary somewhat by brand.  All measurements are in inches unless noted on the chart.