Prices include all school/team customization (artwork, cresting, embroidery etc) AND shipping costs to the school/team.

Tax is NOT included in the price. It will be added to the shopping cart.

In all cases e-mail Corina at to determine the best course of action:

1. If you just placed the order online and discovered you made an error, the easiest way is to e-mail Corina at and she will fix it up, make the changes and get it right for you.

2. If you received your garments and discovered Baltic Athletics made an error, we will make every effort to get your ordered corrected and ensure you are satisfied.

3. If you received your garments and discovered you made an ordering error we still may be able to help you, though there will be a cost to you if we have to reorder or reprint.  These costs would be explained to you and you can then decide if you want to replace your garment now or wait until the next school/team order.

Generally, school/team orders take 4 weeks from the DEADLINE cut-off date. Keep in mind this isn't from the date you order it as we have to produce all the clothing together.

The exception is around Christmas as the industry closes down completely for 2 weeks.  If you expect delivery around this time be sure to allow for this closure time.

No, the orders are shipped together to the school/team contact.  It will likely come home with your student.  You will receive an e-mail once it is shipped to the school (allow several days for shipping)

Unfortunately due to the customization of garments we only print what is ordered. Therefore making an exchange is not generally an option. We often provide sizing samples to the school (if they request it and there is time) and on each garment, there are sizing charts included on the site. Please double check those before ordering.

Monitors have a wide variety of settings. It is important to understand that the particular computer monitor you are using determines the particular colours that you will see displayed. Different monitors will have slightly different contrast and colour ratios settings. Your desktop and your laptop may give you slightly different colour representations of the same material. Therefore, the colours each individual customer sees on his or her computer screen will not 100% accurately reflect the colours of the garments or the artwork as they actually are.

Mock artwork sizing is approximate and final product result may vary.

We recommend that all products be machine washed in cold water (no bleach or fabric softener) inside out and hung to dry. This will help reduce wear on the print quality and help maintain fit of the garment.

Winter and the cold temperatures can also affect your garments. Cracks in the decoration can happen when garments are left in a cold vehicle then folded or stuffed into a bag without coming to room temperature first. Good rule of thumb...wear the clothes or bring them in with you.